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and Whom It’s For?

Coaching is the profession of training and guiding individuals or teams in how to identify themselves and deal with emotional problems and interpersonal relationships while reaching their goals and life ambitions.

What Type of Coaching Do You Do?

I will help any person who wants to excel in their profession or career, start a ministry, grow in their business pursuits, or simply wants to improve their personal life.

Do You Provide Classroom Instruction?

Yes! Classes are designed for one-on-one or full classroom. Some discussions include business and professional preparation, ministry market place fitness, grant research and writing investigation, etc.

You won’t be disappointed.

Do You Provide Grant Writing Instruction?

Yes! Classes are designed to help you research, stratigize, and present your request in a conviencing manner

You will appreciate this class.

How Can I Enroll In One of Your Coaching Classes?

Contact me by phone (817-566-4899). Or, use our Contact Form if it is more convenient. I will get back with you with a link to my App. Hopefully, I will have a link to include on this website shortly.

Thanks for contacting me.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Habakkuk Circle Ministries, LLC helps you with all the work involved in putting things together in advance and all the planning involved in making you, your team, or company ready for your new venture.

Business and Professional Preparation

Health Services Education

Ministry Market Place Fitness

Grant Research & Writing Investigation

Your Success Begins Here

I realize what you go through and feel when trying to accomplish something worthwhile in your life, yet everything seems to be stacked against you. But, you can do it. I and others are cheering you on—every step of the way.

I’ll support you all the way.

When you have something to achieve that you are compassionate about, taking the right path is important.

The first step can be crucial.

The right journey can make all the difference.

Ready to start your growth journey?





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